The best ways to find your next great employee

Q: What’s the best ways to find my next great employee:

A: Create a job description
sitting down with one of your staff or with a professional consultant to create a detailed job description, will help you attract better candidates, since most qualified people are looking for growth opportunities, having a written job description is a great place to start because it forces you to think about the position from different angles, and if you can’t come up with a job description that would make a potential employee excited, maybe you should work on this first and then look for the candidate.  

Check internally 
sometimes your best candidates are already working in your company, and they would greatly appreciate the opportunity to get more responsibilities and grow in the position, and they already know your company which increases their chances of succeeding at the new position.  

Hire a recruiter 
a professional recruiter will usually find you a better candidate than you would if you try to fill the position yourself, recruiters have access to candidates who are looking for a change but will not apply directly. 
let’s say that you can find a candidate that’s an 80% good fit for the what you need, and the professional recruiter can find you a candidate that’s a 90% good fit, the difference to your company’s bottom line could be tremendous, or as Trump would say HUGH! 

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