The best ways to find your next great employee

Q: What's the best ways to find my next great employee: A: Create a job description sitting down with one of your staff or with a professional consultant to create a detailed job description, will help you attract better candidates, since most qu...

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Employees to have their cell phones on

Q: Should I allow my employees to have their cell phones with them turned on while they are working, I feel it’s a Hugh distraction to work, but when I discuss it with them, they say that they can’t be without it. A: You shouldn’t allow it, t...

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Office manager is not a good fit

Q: I hired an office manager 4 months ago, but I realize now that he is not a good fit for our office environment, his management style doesn’t fit our culture, what do I do? A: It’s painful when you realize after a few months that you made a mi...

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Employees keep asking for raises

Q: My employees keep asking for raises whenever they like, and it’s very uncomfortable for me to keep telling them NO, what’s the right way to go about it? A: In most cases the reason why employees keep asking for raises is because it’s the on...

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