Office manager is not a good fit

Q: I hired an office manager 4 months ago, but I realize now that he is not a good fit for our office environment, his management style doesn’t fit our culture, what do I do?

A: It’s painful when you realize after a few months that you made a mistake, but at the end of the day some of the people we hire will not be a good fit. the fact that you are asking me how to handle it, shows that you are acknowledging the issue and you want to deal with it, instead of ignoring it, so I would like to compliment you on this.

The first thing you want to do is sit down with him and discuss your concerns, first compliment him on things that you like about him and then share with him how his style is a challenge to the culture of the company, explain to him to the best of your ability how you want the culture to be and why it’s important to you, and ask him if he thinks he can adopt to your culture.

The truth is that in most cases the person wouldn’t be able to adopt and you would have to send him away a few weeks later but at least you gave it a fair shot.

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